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This blog was created because Pedro told me to do it, since there were barely any Color Khiphop blogs on tumblr. However, I had no idea what I was getting into. All I can say is it’s been a hell of a year running this blog. The struggle was real. I’m so thankful to be running this blog with Nahae—she’s an angel. :-) I’m happy that this blog is not just a color khiphop blog, but a khiphop blog where you can discover new artists. Thank you guys for following~ -Admin Michaelle
Roughly a year ago, Michaelle asked me to be an admin for street-crush. I immediately said that I would love to because of the splash of color khiphop that street-crush had. Since then, we have grown so much has a khiphop blog. It’s a great feeling to know that there are so many khiphop fans like us. I appreciate the support that we have received, and would like to express my gratitude to some wonderful khiphop bloggers!-Admin Nahae
Shout out to these fellow bloggers:☆ colorkhiphop ☆ dok2kyoung ☆ drunkenanimal ☆ fyhilite ☆ hongsiyoung ☆ huckleberryb ☆ kim-haesol ☆ koreanfemalerapper ☆ korean-hip-hop ☆ nonkorean ☆ oppasbitsh ☆ osixtwo ☆ rapseoul ☆ seoulbeatz ☆ sugangster ☆ translatedkhiphoplyrics ☆ undergroundlight ☆ woohojiho ☆ zicovalove ☆  
And a special thanks to gvngnam!
A special mention to these official artist blogs:☆Cohort cohortseoul☆Kasper 11x11pm☆Reddy reddyordie☆Rem and Moro officialremmo☆Sanchez shinbrothers☆Sleeq squarksleeq☆Trump King trumprince
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Beenzino & his Gurl <3<3 Dayumm Lucky *3*


Rapper Beenzino Parts Ways with Girlfriend of Two Years http://www.soompi.com/2014/07/22/rapper-beenzino-parts-ways-with-girlfriend-of-two-years/Now Ex-Girlfriend 💔💔
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Vv:D album collections 💎 Crush ‘CrushOnYou’ & Zion.t ‘Red Light’ (need Gray,Loco & Elo albums for a complete VV:D crew)
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